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CraggleOBR, Mar 12, 11 3:01 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Lingering in the shadows... watching, stalking their prey... the only sign of their passing after the mark is dead is a lone, black rose... an enigmatic calling card that represents an order of assassins that ever since EverQuest days, has answered to the call of the order of the black rose. Our motto is unique and represents the very code and heart of our order:


"There must be honor among thieves... everyone else is fair game."


What the order represents is an exclusive club of gamers who enjoy challenge, roleplay, and above all... who embody the rogue in all their shrouded glory and excel at playing the traditional, high dps, evasion masters in games from the past and now of course... with Rift.


While the years may have degraded our order,  we find ourselves in a new world with few friends but we hold to the order's code and still we seek others to pursue a common path with us... vagabonds and footpads from every walk of life, bards, and riftstalkers, blade dancers and rangers... rogues united with a common goal and purpose... rogues... leading the way and showing others just how potent a timed assassination from the shadows can be when five or more roses all answer the initial ambush with another of their own.


<OBR> is about skill and comradery. Before you even THINK that an all rogue guild cannot possibly work, remember this... the order is not a new guild... we once held the respect of the EverQuest gaming community and now in Rift, we shall strive to create a niche guild once more, excelling in the face of adversity and showing the community that the rogue possesses all the tools necessary to achieve above and beyond what was thought possible.


Whether we hunt Defiant as a pack of roses, or take down bosses in any dungeon, rift chasing or questing, the order stands ready to receive you and welcome you as a brother or sister within the order. Your role in our success is clear: hold to the code and do not give up on us as we will not give up on you. The early weeks between now and when our crit-80 is reached (when 80% of the guild is 40+) will be the hardest but as we level and narrow that level range between each other, the realms of possibility unfold before us all. Be patient and enjoy the eventual and imminent fruits of all our labors.


I, Korigan Goern, castless dwarven rogue of Emberlord, am merely a voice in the shadows that lights the path toward glory. Seek out myself or our illustrious leader, Craggle, also a castless dwarven rogue of exceptional talent to gain admittance into the order.


In summary, to those who bear <Order of the Black Rose> beneath their names, remember your oath and take up your pledge with us:


"There must be honor among thieves... everyone else is fair game."



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The Order of the Black Rose is currently recruiting. Any Guardian Rogues who live in Emberlord are invited to apply. We are currently focused on levelling but will soon be forming dungeon/raid groups and aim to dominate the pvp warfronts.
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